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Mend-It:  as part of our Transition Town initiative this is a new U3A program.

Six sessions - meeting weekly starting Friday 20 April 1.30pm to 5 pm  
Venue: Rooms 1 and 2  Marrar Woorn

Facilitator: Sue Tate

Among the aims of Transition Towns is reducing waste, and part of this is to reuse rather than
constantly replacing.We all have ‘get-round-to-its’, items such as torn favourite clothes, shoes, bikes, furniture, battery appliances (only), broken clocks and books stashed away until that day we can get around to fix them. 

The U3A members have a wealth of industry, technical and craft knowledge to impart. By sharing these skills and tackling problems together we will repair and reuse worn out processions.
Some things will be easier to repair than others; some people will have more skills than others.  But this is all about sharing, repairing, having fun and doing something good for ourselves and our environment.

The six week program will begin with an introduction session.Bring your ‘get-round -to-it’  item(s) and we will make an inventory of our combined skills, tools and faults of our worn out broken Items.  Note there may be some cost involved for materials or parts.
Weeks 2 to 5 we will be learning and repairing

Week 6 will be a celebration and demonstration of all the repaired items given new life.

Throughout the six weeks we will also be looking at ways to bring this initiative to the wider community through the Marrar Woorn Neighborhood House. 

Transitions Towns initiative


The Transition Towns project has made a good start with Barbara Jackson fromTransition Banyule speaking at the Discussion Dinner 15 February.  This was followed by a workshop facilitated by Mary Stringer also part of Transition Banule as well as part of the co-ordinating group for Transition Australia.  What they had to say was not necessarily  news for a community who already has such an environmental and social conscience but it has highlighted how we can work together to maximise the impact of the grant received by U3A. This project is not something just for U3A members but for our interests and skills to be offered to the wider community in addressing some of the issues around climate change and the impact on the environment.

A Steering Committee chaired by Libby Riches has been established with a view to generating interest, ideas, enthusiasm and community participation. The objective is to inspire discussion and ideas so that the community can continue to work toward a vibrant local future.

 For the next few weeks, the Transition Apollo Bay steering committee will be focused on learning, listening and discussing the possibilities. Some of our members have already come forward with ideas.  We ran a Biocomposting field day in early March.  And an update from the Colac Otway Shire on how we can better manage our waste and recycling.  New in the term 2 timetable is ‘Mend-It’, this is a way we can reduce waste and is a project we hope will be extended into the community.  In the meantime we want hear more from you. If you have ideas and information to share please contact us and we can work together to run a workshop or information session.


On May 6, we will be holding a meeting – a Transition Forum where we can recognise the good work that is already being done, develop practical action towards Transition and share project ideas for the future. The Transition Apollo Bay Steering Committee would like to formally invite you  to attend and participate in this meeting.

Where: Apollo Bay Community Centre, Whelan Street  (previously known as the Senior Citizens Centre)

When: May 6, 2018 from 10.30am – 3:30pm. Lunch will be provided.

RSVP: by Monday 30th April to transitiontown3233 @ gmail.com

 Or phone Jannette Byrne 5237 7797, Mobile 0438 393 020

If you would like to keep in touch with developments you can go to our Facebook page @transitionapollobay, or check the Apollo Bay News. If you’d like further information about Transition Towns in general, please visit: www.transitionnetwork.org