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Commencing courses

America - the problem with Presidents.

Ray Nichols

Many people wish to emulate the US Presidency in their own national politics, even Australia.  This course suggests this is a dubious idea.

It outlines the differences between the American and Westminster systems of government, including

  • the complexities of Presidential election
  • The constitutional bases of the Presidency; and
  • It traces Presidents’ subsequent accumulation of great extra-constitutional power.

It then focuses on the extraordinary abuses of that power under Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush,  and looks at the troubling backlashes against it under Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.

It concludes by asking what lessons the American case has for Australia

8 sessions, 10:30 - 12 noon
commencing Thursday 9 October

Introduction to Western Philosophy.

U3A course material

Do you have an enquiring mind?

Do you like throwing ideas around ?

Do you like learning about new ways of thinking?

Then perhaps the U3A Introduction to Western Philosophy is for you.

In the course you will learn about philosophy and philosophers and ponder the questions and answers that have been perplexing thinking men and women over the ages.

You may choose to reflect, agree or disagree or perhaps come up with your own answers as we move through the course material.  Perhaps incorporating some of the possibilities into your way of seeing things could add greater richness to your life!

No background knowledge is assumed, but perhaps an open mind and a willingness to listen, ponder and learn.

Meeting fortnightly, 2:00 - 3:30pm
commencing Tuesday 14 October

For further information contact
membership@u3a.apollobay.org.au  or   info@u3a.apollobay.org.au