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Keep the Marbles Rolling

Aim:  Keeping your brain active is one of the ways by which you can maintain your quality of life. The KTMR program is designed to keep some of the functions of your mind in trim in the same way as you take physical exercise to keep your body in trim.

The program consists of a series of “exercises” to keep all functions of the brain active, they are intended to be fun, and there is plenty of social interaction.

Philosophy : The exercises are strictly non-competitive. As with the body, regular exercise is important.


An introduction to geomorphology.  We live in an extraordinary part of an extraordinary country.

Aim: to give some understanding of the geology of Victoria particularly along the Great Ocean Road and the Apollo Bay area.

This could be a great introduction to trips or walks taken in our district and beyond.


Study of Peoples and Cultures. Anthropology is a fascinating subject because it's all about us: human beings. As the "science of humanity," anthropology can help us understand virtually anything about ourselves—from our political and economic systems, to why we get married, to how we decide to buy a particular bottle of wine.

Let’s start to explore anthropology together.

History of Jazz

Do you enjoy Jazz?  This will be a casual dip into the beginnings of Jazz music, how it evolved and grew into different forms of music and dance. Bring along your favourite Jazz music to share the listening.

The Pre-Raphaelites

Learn about the scandalous group of painters, poets and art critics founded in 1848.

Planned for Term 2

We are recording expressions of interest for the following corses and activities to take place in Term 2